I know that this topic would have fitted the Halloween season that is dark and mysterious, which is already over, (Christmas season is starting) better, however, I will still uncover some mysterious diet myths for you that I recently came across.
It seems everybody is talking about dieting at the moment and this is also why not only truths but also rumors are spread. Here are the top 3 diet myths I have discovered and analyzed for you.
1. Crash diets make you lose weight fast an easy:
You think this is true – think again! Of course this is true for the short time – this is also why I have written about crash diets like the cabbage soup diet on my site. If you have to fit into that dress again in two weeks you might consider a diet like that, but if you are looking for true long-term weight loss only a balanced diet will do.
Researchers even claim that such crash diets can even hinder weight loss in the long run as they reduce the amount of muscles in your body ergo reduce the amount of calories your body needs every day. So if you eat the same as before after a weight diet you will actually gain weight. Oh my gosh, you better think twice before going for a diet like that.
2. If you eat food late at night this will make you gain weight quicker
There are lots of diets that say that eating in the evening is bad for you as your body will store more fat. It sounds logical – during the night you don’t move too much and so you will burn less calories!
Studies found this not to be true. They had volunteers eat a big lunch and a small dinner over some time and then a small lunch and a big dinner for a similar period and found out that the bodies of the volunteers didn’t store more fat when eating more in the evening.
However, regular meals are important. If you eat nothing during the day and a big dinner in the evening this will cause you to gain weight quicker
than if you eat small meals over the whole day.
3. Eat low-fat foods and you will lose weight
The racks of the supermarkets are full of all those low fat products nowadays. If they are produced in such a great number there must be something about them, right?
Wrong! Low-fat or fat-free in many cases doesn’t equal low calorie or calorie-free. If you take a careful look at the labels you will find out that often low-fat products have only a very small amount of calories less to the normal products. This is because often extra sugars and thickeners are added to the food to enhance flavour.
calorie content may be only a bit less, or similar to standard products.
Many people who use low-fat products use double the quantity of the normal product, because they think as they are eating something healthy they can eat more of it. So watch out for calories not fat!
These are just three popular myths, but there are so many more.
I hope you could learn something from me today.
Written by Delilah | Date: November 10, 2008 6:31 pm | Category: advice, balanced diet, crash diets, diet myths, diet trends, fad diets

Comments Ahead

  1. by RhondaNo Gravatar December 15th, 2008 8:01 am

    Hi Delilah,

    I would really like to get all these people off diets and into a new mindset. The reason there’s so much dieting is that no one is looking at the root cause.

    Other than medical conditions, everyone who is overweight has an emotional issue
    or something they haven’t dealt with or worked through. Some know it and some

    As a life mentor part of my work entails helping men and women “clear” what is “weighing” them down. One has to be 110% committed to changing from the inside out.

    Who am I to talk? Well I’ve done the work on myself and I have kept fit for over
    10 years, although I have never had a weight problem in the first place. I believe I would have as my mom is struggling with her weight; she refuses to deal with her issues. There are “keys” to permanently stay at your ideal weight. That’s what I’ve been teaching people all over the world. You can check out where I found my “revelation”.

    I hope that people can eventually get off the rollercoaster and start enjoying life! Let me know if you ever want to join me in the quest :-)

    All the best!


  2. by JanaNo Gravatar January 30th, 2009 10:07 am

    Crash diets have never worked for me so far. I lost some weight, but gained it again in the two weeks afterwards. :-(

  3. by rosieNo Gravatar February 3rd, 2009 10:56 pm

    Crash dieting is not the way to go. I have recently lost weight and i used a weight loss supplement to give me a little extra help along with changng my lifestyle in the process.

  4. by DelilahNo Gravatar February 6th, 2009 3:12 pm

    Dear Rhonda,

    Of course – me too I would really like to make people stop to believe in all these Dieting Myths! And you are completely right by saying that overweight is mostly related with mental and emotional issues.
    Nevertheless bad nutrition can lead to overweight.
    Many people don’t know what kind of food is healthy and what will harm their body and potentially make them obese. They don’t learn it correctly from their parents and their eating habits are controlled by commercials e.g. fast food should belong to their daily nutrition.

    Dear Jana and Rosie,

    Of course crash diets are not a good way of loosing weight – maybe for a few weeks but not on the long run.

    What happens when doing a crash diet:
    Usually you eat normally every day ( 3 meals) – the body is in its usual rhythm and thinks everything is fine.
    Now you start a crash diet – you eat way less or even stop eating for a few days – the body thinks it is in a crisis – it starts using the fat and muscle resources and you become slimmer.
    You have lost a few pounds, you are happy and you think you can start eating normally again. You may have “the munchies” and suffer from a binge-eating disorder as your body thinks the crisis is over but now it has to put on more fat resources because a crisis could come soon again.
    This is called yo-yo dieting or weight cycling.

  5. by marisaNo Gravatar February 20th, 2009 6:47 am

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