Yoyo dieting

Yo-Yo dieting – where you lose lots of weight, then pile it all back on again, plus a bit more, when you finish the diet – is a common phenomenon. If it hasn’t happened to you, then you’re bound to know someone who is a yo-yo dieter. Whilst some people claim it’s all due to [...]

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Five of the best low calorie foods

When you’re on a diet, it’s important to have healthy foods to hand for those moments when you need to snack. If you’re looking for some ideas of healthy and low calorie foods to keep close at hand, then here are five of the best low calorie options to munch on! 1. Oranges Oranges are [...]

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4 Hour Body diet food

Have you heard of the 4 Hour Body Diet? It’s one of the latest diets that’s taking the world by storm and, would you believe it, even encourages one day a week of binge eating! One of hardest parts of dieting is having to eat healthily all the time and I’m a big believer in [...]

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Christmas festivities

If you read my last post, about my quest to make lower fat pastry so that I can enjoy my favourite mince pies without feeling guilty, then you’ll be pleased to know that the recipe is here! The recipe is easy to make and you can use any jar of homemade or bought mincemeat that [...]

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Delicious mince pies

Dieting and eating healthily is never easy at Christmas. There’s so much tempting food around and everyone else seems to be happy eating chocolate galore without a care in the world. But I do care and, after eating healthily all year, I don’t want to blow my diet completely at Christmas. This doesn’t mean that [...]

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Dieting at Christmas

The temptations of the party season don’t simply involve food – they can also involve drink too. Whilst there’s no harm in having the occasional drink, there can be a surprisingly large amount of calories hidden in alcohol and a few drinks, plus nibbles, can play havoc with your dieting intentions.  Here are my top [...]

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We all need inspiration and ideas when dieting and I often turn to the Internet to look for interesting low fat or low calorie meal ideas. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog round up, so I thought I’d put together three of my favourite diet recipe blogs to share with you. 1. [...]

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Weight Watchers diet programme

Have you heard the news about the changes to the Weight Watchers dieting programme? Weight Watchers has had a Points system since 1995, where everyone is assigned a certain number of points that they’re allowed to eat each day, based on their weight and height. All foods were assigned a points value, based on the [...]

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Lose weight by Christmas

If you’d like to lose a few pounds before Christmas, then now is apparently the best week to start a diet! Apparently, we’ve just reached LBD-Day – Little Back Dress Day – that marks the perfect time to launch a sensible pre-Christmas diet and drop a dress size. I don’t know where the time is [...]

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Be careful while dieting

A positive body image is something that we all strive to achieve but let’s face it – most of us feel that we need to lose a few pounds. Lifestyles have changed significantly in the last twenty years and there has been a marked decrease in physical activity in both adults and children. We’ve made [...]

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